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Schools out, and Holiday camps are in!

Keep Your Kids Active and Happy During School Holidays 
During the holiday season, we offer various holiday classes for your child between 18 months to 6 years old.
You could choose from many Programmes by duration, season, and local or overseas camps. 

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Summer Camps

Boost your child’s mind this summer!

Summer holiday is long & good chance to let your child

improve his abilities. 

Your child will have a fun and new experience during this season.

We offer local camp and overseas for you to choose from.

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December Break Camp

Any plan for the Year End Holidays?
Boost your child’s mind with December Camps!
We offer a fun and brain-stimulating activities

which young children will surely enjoy.


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Summer Camp​s

Overseas Camps

Holiday Programmes-3

Let child have advance educational experience from overseas camps!


When your child goes to a different environment, his/her brain is greatly improved.

Because, your child can learn many things that they cannot get here.

They become independent and push himself to talk with others in English.


Topics such as Lego Robotics, Computer Programming/Coding, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and cooking may not be taught in Cambodia. 


Overseas camps gives your child the opportunity to try and experience different learning method, culture, speak English more and improve social skills in a short period of time.

Singapore Camps

We assist parents and children 5 to 13 years old to join Singapore camps.

Offers many activities such as Robotics, Computer Programming/Coding, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and more. 


Camps are usually scheduled weekly during school holiday and two weeks in the summer break



Starting from 3rd week of June till end of August



All around Singapore (at International Schoolsother institutions in the city ) 

What kind of programme have?
There are more than 150 camps to choose from. Here are some of the camps offered.

Intensive English Programme

Chinese Language /Chinese bilingual Programme
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Computer Programming)

Cooking Classes

Speech Champions Classes

Multi-sports activities 

And More 

Check About Singapore Summer Camp

Check About Singapore Summer Camp

Local Camps

It is a perfect  time for your child to have different experiences which they cannot have in schools. 

We have courses for your child to have fun and brain improvement during the holiday time!

What is Local Holiday Programme?

We organize weekly Local Camps during school holiday breaks.

Lessons are fun and active. 


It is time for your child to experience learning that they will never get from his/her school.


Your child can learn continuously and improve abilities during breaks.

What will your child get?

When your child join the Programmes,
he/she will get following benefits


– Feel relaxed from camps 

– Motivated to study when school begins

– May discover new hobby or talent

– Has something to share when they come back to school

– Get brain and physical exercise

What will your child lean?

When your child join the Programmes,
He/she will learn the following through our Play Based Activities


English -Reading, Speaking, Phonics
(Dance, Sing, Card and puzzle game)

Mathematics -3D concept, Deeper understanding numbers

( Race Track game, Blocks Worksheet, Count in a Box, Dot Board, Number Flashcards)


Brain Training -Deep thinking, Logical thinking
(Fun puzzle activities, Maze, Analyze picture and tell the problem,)

Brain Gym

Who can join?

From 2  to 6 years old

Children from 2  to 6 years old can join holiday programmes
English knowledge not required

When to join?

We offer weekly base camps for the whole summer duration.

How long are the camps?

You can choose from 5 days to whole summer and half day or full day

December Break Camps

Give your child a wonderful end of year holiday!

Our December camps are best to keep child energetic during those off from school and avoid boredom. They can mentally prepared for next year.

Let your child enjoy the end of the year with our energy-giving December Break Camps

We have opened slots for December Break Camp 2019.

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Check our December holiday camps!

What is December Camps?

Lessons are full of mental exercises that good to keep your child learning for next school year.

When they come back for school, other children might not be ready to study, but your child will not. 

He/she will not be left behind lessons if they join December Camps.

What will your child get?

When your child join the December class,
he/she will get following benefits

– Feel mentally active

– Motivated to study when next year start 

– Wanting more to join camps 

– May discover new interest or talent

– Has something to share when they come back to school

What will your child learn?

When your child join our class,
he/she is going to learn followings

– English skill and Knowledge (Read , Write, Speak)

– Math Knowledge (Mind calculations & Advance Math)
– Memory power

– Critical Thinking

– Logical Thinking

Who can join?

From 18 month to 6 years old.

We accept children from 18 months to 6 years old.

For 18 months till 2 yrs old child, we require one adult to be with the child.

When can join?

Your child can join every 4th week of December.


Our December lessons dates are varying depending on the schedule of December Holidays for the year.

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