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Get unlimited Brain Power by joining our Enrichment Class!

Children has unlimited power


Enrichment class leads children reach their full brain potential faster and easily. 

To help them, we provide correct teaching method and the best environment to learn and grow .

The classes for children from 18month to 6 years old.
We focused on children’s ways that will help in opening up unlimited child abilities
because  Every child is different.

Enrichment class helps children to unlock their extreme brain power and ability.

What is Enrichment Class?

TCKC Enrichment Class is once a week, 60 to 90 minutes class for children 18 months to 6 years old. 


Our classes are helping children fully develop fundamental abilities while young.

Children they can break the barrier of their unlimited potential through giving them correct teaching methods.

When they have strong abilities, they can survive and succeed in the future.

What will your child get?

When your child join our class,
he/she will get following benefits


– Get higher to perfect scores in exams

– Remember faster

– Easy and fully to understand what teacher teaches

– Focus longer
– Finish tasks faster

– Knows how to think deeper
– Identify problems effectively
– Unlocking creativity 

And many more

Your child will get all benefits above through our play-based lessons.

What will your child learn?

When your child join our class,
he/she is going to learn followings


– English skill and Knowledge (Read , Write, Speak)

– Math Knowledge (Mind calculations & Advance Math)
– Memory power

– Critical Thinking

– Logical Thinking

– Problem Solving Skills

– Creativity
– Social Skills


And Music (English) Brain Gym


90 minutes – once a week – lesson gives your child efficient time to learn all important lessons.  

Even it only weekly class, you can see results in your child.

Who can join?

From 18 month to 6 years old.


We accept children from 18 months to 6 years old.


For 18 months till 2 yrs old child. 
We require one parent or guardian to be with the child to assist and bond together.

When can join?

Your child can join every 1st of the Month.


Our lessons for new students starts every 1st of the Month.

Please register at least two weeks before the 1st of Month for us to fully prepare the plan for your child’s lesson.

How to join?

Please see the steps below if you keen to join your child with us:

1. Contact Us

Call Us or Message us and book an appointment with us


2. Visit US

Come on your appointment day & time with child for meet up with teachers
  Talk to US
     Teacher will ask questions about your child
  Give assessment
    We will check your child’s ability to help us with suitable lesson plan

    Teachers can give you 1-2 years plan. 
    In the checking, we will know the starting line of your child


3. Join US

We will explain to you the rules of lesson and school policy.

Once you agree, please fill out the form

Now your child is ready to Join our class

Want to know more about Lesson?


Call us at 023 987 180

Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


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