Who We Are?

Breaking barrier of child’s unlimited potential

We believe that there is no ceiling in your child’s ability.

We aim to lead children in the correct way of learning and be successful in their future.

Who We Arre?

We are  professional  Enrichment Centre for young children.

Since 2014 that we set up class, we only focused on child’s thinking and improving their inner abilities and potential.


Every child born has unlimited abilities and potential.
These abilities and potentials were just hidden and not boosted, nor grown well because of wrong learning guidance.


Present education system doesn’t enhance children’s abilities and potential.  

Because schools are teaching based  on simple memorization and repetition.


When children only memorize, the way to think and absorb knowledge will not develop. 

When child memorizonly and didn’t use thinkin will forget easily.


Also, some children lose their interest to learn with just repeating what the teacher.


We take this matter seriously and think deeply about how we can help children who have unlimited abilities but because of wrong teaching ways, they cannot develop their highest potential. 

We can unlock their abilities using Singapore and Japanese learning method which well known as world’s advanced education method accompanied with our original children friendly teaching material.

Each Child need different ways of learning

Each child is different. 

Each has different abilities, weaknesses and strengths.

Each has own way to learn and needs to develop the potential.

We should understand how they learn, the way they think and their current abilities.

We cannot give same way of teaching to different children.

We guide each child according to their abilities. 


We will guide children using level based method to learn faster and improve performance at school. Children can grow motivated to reach top class.

We help your child make big improvements to their developing age and to learn how to reach best school performance.

Start early and feel your child’s improvement of  important critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What We Provide

For children to be more advance in studying

These children have the potential or ability to produce work or perform at a level significantly above that expected of their age peers.

For Slow learner

Class for Children who need extra help and specialized teaching to help them learn and grow.

These children can become advanced if receive proper support.
We use correct way to improve their overall abilities.

For Children who visit short term

Intensive class for children who visits PP for short term

They will continue learning and keep minds active learning and focused even away from home town.

For children who are looking for a Place to learn during school holidays

We offer classes during school breaks for children.
Do not want to be delayed in studying.

Want to have a new experience with new environment.
You can choose from Local Class and Overseas Camps.

Children can spend learning efficient time during holidays.

Want to know more about Us and Our lessons?


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