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Do you worry about your child’s learning?

If you worry about your child as below:


Can not speak well if compare to others
Speaks only a few words even though he is 3 years old
Can not focus on studying

Slow progress in school if compare to others

Doesn’t pay attention to what I say

Hard to understand teacher’s instruction
Only does what he/she likes and never pay attention to others


We can help you.
We guide your child correctly to solve these problems.

What is Special Needs Class?

This Class for children who have the above problems and have difficulty coping with people around them.


We can help them by correct checking of their problems.

Then we will plan suitable lessons to assist with their learning needs.

What are the benefits?

If your child join this class, your child will get following benefits


Become normal to speak
Easy to play with another child
Can understand what you or teachers saying

Can use more vocabulary

Can concentrate at school

Can listen to instructions more


We can check problems with your child and lead him/her to learn like other children.

What will your child learn?

Speech Therapy

Vocational Training

Improve with developmental delay

Longer attention and focus

Effective communication skills

Social and School readiness to class

Who can join?

From 3 to 10 years old.


Though we mainly accept ages 3-10 years old. 

We can also help children who are not at this age. 

Please contact us, and we will check if we can accept your child with a different age. 

We may help you and your child with our special class method.

How to join?

Please read below steps if you feel your child may need our special lesson


Contact Us

Call Us or Message us and book an appointment with us

Visit US

Come on your appointment day & time with child for meet up with teachers
  Talk to US
  Teacher will talk to you and your child to find the problems

Join US

We will prepare lesson schedule for your child.

Once you agree with it, please complete the form

Want to know more about Class?


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