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Our programmes are specially designed for children who are on developing age
and parents wants to enhance their abilities. 

You can choose suitable for your child.

There are few programmes so you can choose suitable for your child.

Regular Class

Enrichment and Special needs class

Short Term Class

Children who visit Phnom Penh and look for a place to study for short term.

Holiday Programmes

Overseas and local Camps

Enrichment Class

Boost your child abilities with our cognitive skills training


Enrichment class is our main class for children who are 18 months to 6 years old.

Who are on very important age with unlimited abilities.

Our lesson designed to help children release undeveloped capabilities.


We offer fun and joyful ways to train children to love learning and become smarter.

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Special Needs Class

No need to worry if you feel your child is a bit behind!


This class is for the child who needs special help.
We can help in supporting his learning needs

Enhancing their speaking, reading, listening and behaviour to become better than before.

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Short Term Class

Can learn continuously even child is with you here!


Looking for classes for your child for a short period of time? 


This Class for children spending short visit in Phnom Penh and do not want to be behind school lessons while here.

Or do not want your child spend boring time while you are working here.

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Holiday Programmes

Want to Keep Your child  Brains Active during School Breaks?


If you are looking on how to keep your child with increased energy to learn during holidays, Please check out our Holiday classes!


We have Summer camps (Local and Overseas) and December Break camps that helps in keeping your child learning during vacation days.


We have Summer and December programmes.  
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