Are you having a problem with your child since the closure of school?

Do you feel stressed about the situation and you want to guide your child on how to study at home but not sure how to do it?

You may worry because you feel that your child’s learning will delay.

So are you looking for something to help your child study at home effectively?

Are you worried about your child’s learning delay because school closed?

While schools are closed, your child may spend all their time at home.

Because of this situation, you worry and think how to help your child not to delay learning.

Though your child’s school offers distant learning, you feel this is quite difficult for your child to catch up and get attention from your child to the lessons.

Studying online is tough for small children.

Also they need more assistance if compared to older students.

Sometimes your child will lose interest in studying because the online lessons are not so interesting for him/her.

Maybe you are thinking you need to do something to solve this problem.

Looking for something to help your child catch up while schools are closed?

Worries if child at home, study will delay.
Want to do something  but do not know how to teach them at home.

If there are no actual class lessons, your child has to study at home.

your child cannot be taught by teacher Physically,

We do not know when schools will open.

This is a really difficult situation.

If your child has to study alone, he/she does not know how to study.

There’s no teacher to help them like what they have in school.

You have to look for something good for your child to keep their interest to learn.
But, looking for a suitable one for your child is not so easy.

There are many ways to help your child but you are not sure which one suits your child.

So, we will introduce you to some online Learning which can be enjoyed by even small children.


5 Online Learning lessons to try at home for your child

If you are looking at what to give your child at home, one of your solutions is to give some suitable  online lessons to your child.

We will introduce to you recommended online lessons that even a small child can enjoy.

1. British Council

British council is very popular among people who want to study English.

This is not only for adults, but also has good online programs for small children.

There are tips and advice about helping children practice their English through online. They have free online games, songs, stories, and activities for small children.

So your child will continue to learn his/her English with fun. 

2. Smart Tutor

They offer free resources you can use to teach your small child. 

You can choose from their educational games, printable flashcards, free reading lessons, and coloring pages. 

Good thing is you can print and give to your child after completing tasks or getting high scores with each game. 

This will keep small children motivated to learn and participate in lessons.

3. Early Learning Ideas

If you are looking for something your child can do with fun and study at the same time, then you can check the Early Learning Ideas page. 

They have interesting and engaging educational activities for 3-6 years old children.

You can access their printable materials for Maths, English, and Science.

They also have guides for Arts and Crafts using simple home materials.

4. Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic is a media company known for publishing, selling, and distributing books and educational materials for schools, teachers, parents, and children.
Also they provide a free online learning page about learning at home guides called Play Starters.

They give 20 simple ideas for playing with a purpose. 

They can be done at any time and in any order.

5. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is a popular magazine that primarily contains articles about science, geography, history, and world culture.

They have interesting videos for small children that will help their curiosity develop.

Your young child will see real animals, places and also explore the world by watching their videos.

Tips how to use E-Learning Efficiently for your child

We picked up suitable online lessons for your small child, now you can start to teach your child using those lessons!

Before you use those, I will give you some important  tips.

Please read below to know how to do the E-learning class efficiently for your child.

1.  Do not insist on watching if your child is not interested.

When you show the video and if your child seems not to interesting

Do not insist to watch , you can change to other programme.

2.  Prepare a good learning environment

Before you start to show the E-Learning Programme,

please remove all items which can get your child’s attention.

Such as favorite toys, smart devices or television.

It helps your child to focus on online lessons.

3.  Maintain space for learning

It may be difficult for you to set up similar classroom space for your child.

But you can set up a table, chair and laptop you need to use far away from the Television, play area or dining area.

This can keep your child away from places at home that will easily get his/her attention. 

Your child will learn more if they have a quiet and comfortable space only for learning,

4. Fix Daily Lesson Schedule

Once you  found your child’s favorite programme, please fix the time you are going to show to you child.

When you give your child a fixed schedule for doing tasks or doing online class, you are helping your child to learn how to manage time and follow schedule.

As they grow older, your child will develop self-discipline in studying and doing homework.

5. To have review times 

It is very important to have a review of the lesson.

If you do review with your child, it strengthens the connections of the wiring in the brain. 

So once your child has a program, please take a review time.

You can ask your child , like
“What did you learn yesterday?”
“What are the animals we studied yesterday?”

Do you still need help?

I hope all the programmes which we introduce are good for your child and you.

But you still feel not so confident to use those and need someone help your child,

We have good news for you.

One to one online lesson for your child

Now we offer a special online class for small children.
Our online lesson is one to one lesson,
So even small children can enjoy and learn with fun!

We will not give  only online lessons to your child>
But also we will give some instruction to parents how to teach your child at home.
And will give suitable individual WS to your child based on your child’s progress.

We will  help your child improve and have interest to learn through online. 

If you need more detail,

Please send us a message by clicking here.
Or you can contact US through FB message.

Also call us at 023 987 180

We hope your child finds the best way to learn!

Looking for Enrichment Class for your Child?
Try our Unique Programme!
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Looking for Enrichment Class for your Child?
Try our Unique Programme!
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