“Your child cannot focus and has lower grades now…”

You must be shocked and disappointed a lot if your child’s teacher told you like that.

But, you realized that it may become a serious thing

Because your child says that he doesn’t want to do homework

And tells you that lesson is not interesting

You may worry a lot and think something might gone wrong with your child.

The problem if child cannot focus at school

Are you worried that your child cannot focus at school?

Does his teachers complain about this behavior?

When a child cannot focus at school,

It will be very difficult for him to learn.

Every parent wants their child to become smart

But this focusing problem is really not helping their kids.

So, what can you do to help your child become active and energetic to learn?

Have you tried to give him some exercise?

What science tells about brain gym exercises?

You know well that exercise is good for the body.

But it is not only physically but also mentally!

Latest science tells about the effect exercise on child’s brain showing that exercise is a very powerful key for learning.

Over the years, more evidence proves that exercise improves memory and learning

Here is what the study shows:

  1. Even few minutes exercises can boost child’s brain!

This study showed that 20 minutes of fast walking on treadmill increases reading comprehension in young children.

This learning benefits have also helped kids with ADHD.

  1. Exercise can enhance child’s motor skills!

The same study revealed that 15 minutes cardiovascular exercise (such as bicycling, running, swimming) increased brain connectivity and efficiency.

In this study, a 15 minutes aerobic exercise on bike improved child’s performance at some task 24 hours after learning it.

  1. Exercise can make your child good in maths

A study in 2007 proved that physical activity in children and increase in aerobic fitness relates to child’s better mathematical achievement. (Castelli et al., 2007; Coe et al., 2006)

It is better to engage kids in some exercises before and after they study maths to improve their brain functions.

Are you ready now to do some brain gym exercises with your kid?

Let me teach you the way to do Brain Gym Exercises

5 Step Brain Gym Exercises for kids

We know you are excited to make your child physically active and smart.

But maybe, you are not sure what kind of exercise to give your kid.

So, we have gathered some of the brain gym exercises that can help your child’s brain to become active and intelligent.

1. Drinking Water

Before you start with any exercise, ensure to give one glass of water to you kid.

You may think, why because we are only talking about exercises.

A study says that maintaining a constant water in body can help the pathways of brain that helps in processing information.

Drinking one glass of water before your child starts to do exercise will help him have a good circulation and brain function.

2. Brain buttons

Let’s do it!

  • Ask child to stand up straight
  • Make a “C” shape with child’s thumb and index finger
  • Place it under your collarbone (see picture)
  • Put the other hand just below belly button
  • Then rub gently making circular motion

Why it is good?

  • Stimulates the flow of blood to the brain
  • It makes your child feel awake, alert when he feels lazy or low energy

3. Cross crawls

Let’s do it!

  • Ask your child to stand up straight
  • Lift the Left knee, then touch Left knee using Right elbow
  • Do it vice versa, Right knee to Left elbow
  • Make 10 counts for it

Why it is good?

  • When child becomes more aware about his Left and Right extremities, it improves child’s Right and Left Brain hemispheres. This part of brain is responsible for critical thinking and communication skills.

4. Hook ups

Let’s do it!

  • Can be done standing, sitting or lying down.
  • Ask your child to cross one ankle over the other but make sure legs is straight.
  • Stretch the arms and cross them in front of the body (follow the picture)
  • As arms crossed, have the child’s palms on the Right and Left hands turn to each other and lock fingers (see picture)
  • Loop the hands underneath the arm and pull the arms close to the chest

Why it is good?

  • It promotes mind and body relaxation for your kids
  • Because it promotes relaxation, this can help your child relieve stress and anxiety feeling before school

5. The Thinking Cap

Let’s do it!

  • Gently pull and unroll the outer part of ear using thumb and index finger of both hands
  • Starting from top, move slowly towards the lobe of ear
  • Always start from the top

Why it is good?

  • Helps in improving the child’s hearing, side vision (peripheral), and short-term memory.

Let us do some brain gym exercise starting today!

We hope that we have shared some good exercise to you and your child

Exercise is proven by many studies to be a good tool to help your child become smart, active and physically healthy.

So, please encourage your child to do this exercise before studying at home, before going to school or even weekends.

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Looking for Enrichment Class for your Child?
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