Does your child show bored feeling at school or at home?
Does she tell you that she doesn’t feel to go to school?
It may sound bad but some parents have this problem.

This may be because of child’s lack of motivation to learn.
Some kids are losing their interest to study and learn.

So how can you help them love learning and become interested to learn?
Here is some information on how can you help your kids be motivated to learn.

Why is it not good to let kids feel bored or doesn’t want to learn?

There are many reasons why kids feel bored about studying.
But, sure thing, it will not be good for kids future if they do not feel curious or want to learn.
When a child becomes uninterested, learning will be impossible and schooling is boring for them.

How to make your child motivated to learn?

According to Dr. Yasuyuki Taki, a doctor, and professor of Tohoku University Institute of Aging Medicine,
the most important driving force for a child to learn is to become curious.
Children learn because they are curious.
If they feel a hot feeling, they may start to think, “Why it is hot?” “I want to know more”.
The child’s practice to ask and be curious is good for learning and their future work.

What are the easy ways to make your kids curious?

You may wonder how can you make your child curious.
Also according to Dr. Taki, a good opportunity to develop curiosity is through “journey”, especially “overseas trip” which touches foreign cultures.

For example, when your child learned some English words at school, she may only have the feeling of testing the words. But, when your child has to travel overseas before even learning the English language, your child will see how you communicate in English, how people speak or laugh in a language different from her and how to ride a train by asking directions.

When your child sees this, she can experience and feel the importance of needing to learn the language.
This experience will make your child curious then becomes motivated to learn too.
Travelling can open opportunities for “real experience” for your children such as nature, culture, history, food, and lifestyle.

Let’s plan your travel with your child!

Now that you know how can you help your child to become curious and love to learn,
You can bring them to your next overseas trip.
Your child will feel a very good experience.

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Enjoy your trip with your child!

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