Are you a busy mother who works every day and do not have enough time to spend with your child?

It may be a difficult role for business mums to balance time for kids and work.

You may also struggle (to find out )spend quality time with your small child.


To help you, we will introduce how can you give something good and educational to your child in a very short time.


What will happen if you spend less time with your kids?


In our world today, it is no secret that more families are becoming busy with everyday tasks.

Mothers may also be helping in the family business rather than staying home.

During this time, you may find it difficult to bond or spend the time with your kids.

There are some shocking facts that researchers found out.

Here are some facts are seen on children who got less time with their parents


A. Bad and Risky Behaviour

Have you seen some people who drive fast and do not fear accidents?
How about those who like to gamble and do not care if they lose money through it?
These are commonly known as risky behaviours.
According to some studies, risky behaviours are sometimes caused by a less parent-child interaction when they were young.



B. Unstable Feelings

When you are a busy parent, there are more moments that you let other people take care of your small child.
This situation can sometimes make your child have emotional discomfort.

They might not realize it while they are young but it will be seen as they grow old.

University of Toronto, Canada published a mind-blowing report.

They found out that the children whose parents are always absent are more likely to feel emotionally stressed.



C. Poor Academic Performance

Does your child struggle with learning something?
Then it may be because you are spending less time with your child.
Spending quality time with your child not only impacts his/her emotional and social well-being but also can impact his/her long-term academic success?

Children whose parents are always there to support them while they are small perform better academically than kids whose parents are always busy.



Does your child show these kinds of problem?

You do not need to worry much even your answer is yes.

Regardless of having less time with your child, you can do something for them and that really works!


Let’s read books to your child!

Have you read some books to your child before they sleep?

Have you had the experience to receive bedtime stories from your parents?

How did you feel when your mom reads to you?

Why not can you give your same experience what you’ve had?



What are the benefits of reading books to your child?

A. Helps your child to feel positive feeling towards learning

When parents love to read or read a book to their child, you can also share it with your child.
You can have an opportunity to promote you your child a positive attitude towards reading and literacy.


B. Brings the child to understand the world and environment

When you read a book or give some bedtime stories to your child, you are helping them to understand the world and everything around us.
This is a perfect time for a child to ask and you can share many things through reading a book.


C. Promotes the improvement of child’s social skills

When you read stories that have moral values and teaches empathy, it can help your child to improve social skills.


There’s a big effect of parent’s support child’s emotional and social development. It was highlighted in International Journal of Disability, Development and Education that families with a strong bonds with parents has a positive effect on child’s social well being.



I don’t have an idea on books to read to my child

Now, you may understand why reading books to your child is important.

You may be wondering what kind of book you can read to your child.

We are going to introduce some books that you can read to your child depends on their age.

And if you are thinking that your child is young, do not worry because even 6 months old infant will benefit if you read books to them.

The more stories you read to babies, the more words your child will be exposed to and it will help them to be able to talk.


Books to read to your child


6 to 18 Months

1. Pat the Bunny
Written By Edith Kunhardt Davis


Pat The Bunny


Pat the Bunny is a “touch and feel” book for small children and babies.

There are some things to do such as touching the fur and looking in a mirror.

Infants and small children will also enjoy.



2.Toes, Ears & Nose!
Written By Marion Dane Bauer


Toes, Ears, and Nose


This lift the flaps book introduces different body parts such as the knee and elbow.

It is good to introduce body parts to your little ones and become familiar while they are very young.

The colors and illustration will sure catch your child’s attention.



2 to 4 years old

1. Goodnight Moon
Written by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

Goodnight Moon


“Goodnight Moon” is such a wonderful book for little ones!

The pictures are so nice and precious, the colors are fantastic,

and the rhyming words and repetition are all perfect for catching young children’s attention.


2.The Snail and the Whale
Written by Julia Donaldson

The Snail and the Whale


Reading this book to your child will amaze them.

The child will also understand and learn the journey of the snail and the whale.

The flow of the story is good and the rhymes are perfect. Illustrations are also catchy.



4 to 6 years old

1. Are We There Yet, Daddy?
Written by Virginia Walters, S.D. Schindler

Are We There Yet, Daddy?

A very nice picture book for kids that combines map and counting skills are shown.

A little boy and his dad went out in their yellow Volkswagon to visit grandma.

And just like other kids, “Are we there yet?” is commonly asked by the little boy.




2. Saying Goodbye to Lulu
Written by Corinne Demas

Saying Goodbye to Lulu


The story of this book is perfect to teach the small child to understand and love their own pets.

Illustrations are realistic and truly this can make the child enjoy the story.



All ages

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Written by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


One of the greatest childhood classics of all time.

The illustrator used collages and ‘eaten’ holes to deliver the story.

It is about a caterpillar who is very hungry and tried to eat variety of foods

in a whole week and then later transform into a beautiful butterfly.



2. Bear Says Thanks
Written by Karma Wilson ( Author), Jane Chapman (Illustrations)

Bear Says Thanks


A nice way to say thanks is to offer a dinner.

But, what will happen if there is nothing in your cupboards?

This is a great illustration book for kids of all ages.



Start reading books to your kids now!


We hoped that we have shared some good information about how good when you do a book reading for your kids.

Book reading is very simple activity, yet the benefits are amazing especially for your child’s improvement.


It can be done while you are resting or before you let your child sleep at night.


So, grab a book, take a time to carry your small child and start to read!

Share this time with your child and enjoy the stories and let your child learn good life lessons and become good.



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