read to child The benefits of reading to children have been showed by many education experts.

Home Reading Environment and Brain Activation in Preschool Children Listening to Stories American Academy of Pediatrics

So you have a power to boost your children’s learning potential by reading books to them. Here are Seven ways that reading aloud can benefit your child:


1-Improves visual memory and develops vivid imaginations

Reading is an excellent way for children to develop bright imaginations.
And also help develop visualization in the mind. Nowadays many children are using electronic devises. Overuse of electronic devices may harm children’s ability to think for themselves.
And their imaginations are not so creative if they rely too much on electronic devices. Reading aloud to your children help them stretch their imagination and thinking.
It gives children a chance to dream. Also a good book encourages your child’s imagination and creativity, which can help develop their lifelong sense of interest.


2- Exercises their brains.

Recent research shows in the US, many children have problem with reading

An educational survey showed that 44% of the 4th Grade children nation wide are not able to read at or above the basic, or partial mastery, level on the National Assessment of Education Progress test.
The extent of the problem ranged from 27% in Maine to 62% in Louisiana. In California 59% of the students are reading BELOW the minimum established proficiency level for reading.


Reading is a much more complex task than watching TV, to do online game for the human brain .
Reading to your children to train their brain and build skill to read by themself.
You are giving your children skills that will help them succeed in life.
Studies show that reading books to babies while still in their mother’s womb, stimulates their early brain development and enhances critical thinking skills. You can give your children a great gift even they are still in the womb.



3– Improves your child’s vocabulary.

Children can build up their literacy skills in a number of ways, but the reading to children is the one of the best and easiest way.
Book has many vocabularies and more complex grammatical structures than the short and one-way communication which we tend to use for our children.
Reading to your children gives them a chance to hear a variety of new words. They are learning new words in a fun way.



4- Improves your child’s overall confidence.

When you are reading to your child, you are bonding with them. Your child feel secure so gives them a better overall cofidence.
In addition they gain a great confidence in reading aloud themselves.
Books give you a reason to talk with each other, it keeps communication open.



5- Improves your child’s concentration.

When you read to Child, they are listening and watching pictures, so they can focus on the story.
By reading books to your children, you can increase their listening skills.
Their attention span will become longer.
If you read to children regularly, they develop the ability to do this for longer periods.



6- Helps speaking.

Listening to adults read provides an example for children to understand what proper speech sounds like.
From speech patterns and pronunciation to voice inflection and sentence structure, children learn much of their speaking skills by listening to adults.



7-Children who read do better at school.

Studies show that children who are read to often perform better in reading and writing in their schools. Often reading to a child develops child’s deep understanding, listening skills and broad knowledge about vocabularies. Moreover, if these children can understand more, they can easily follow a concept and learn faster and achieves good academic performances.



We want to share about benefit of reading which reported by UK education department.

Research evidence on reading for pleasure – Gov.UK


Books have numerous beneficial result towards children.

Parents play a great role in achieving these benefits by simply spending time reading to them more often.
This is simple yet so important that prepares your child to become better and smarter individuals.
Enjoy reading!


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