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Do you desire to see your child speak English confidently and fluently like native english speakers?

Have you ever wondered why there are people who can speak a second language fluently like native speakers?

Some people can speak English just like as them even English is not for their first language.
You may have thought that these people have a special ability for languages.
But it is not!
Actually we all have the ability to learn a foreign language and speak as our first language.
Especially, if we start at an early age, it will be easy to speak.
So, if you want your child to be bilingual, let’s get started now!


Here are some appropriate tips to teach English to your child at home.
When you teach English to your child, please do not forget to let your child enjoy every time.


1. Make your child comfortable with the language first.

If child find difficulty to learn , they won’t enjoy.

One of the most important step in teaching English to your young child is help them build a positive thinking of communicating with English.
Do not force your child to speak English if he/she does not to want. If you do so, you run the risk of building a negative impression of the language to your child.

Make them feel comfortable with the language first by letting them follow simple commands at home.

You can show simple movements for your very young child such as “Clap your hands” or just say “hello!” with big movements.
Do not push them but to encourage them to use the word everyday.


To introduce new words and commands
Everyday you can introduce new words and commands, when you ask he/she to do someting.
-such as “Let’s go” “Please put on your shoes” “please pass me the salt”
so they will become familiar with the common English words.


By teaching the child to learn the words through action, this will help them to memorize new words successfully.
At the time you are in introducing new words to your child,
please do not forget to review the past words so that he/she can easily remember.


2. Get some fun with English Games!

Games and fun activities are the popular and vital way to let a child learn English as a foreign language.

You may start with a simple activity where in they need to say words to play.
There are many good simple games which children can learn some wording thought these games.


We will introduce some activities which suit young children.

1. “Simon Says”
This is an excellent game for young learners.




2. “Motor boat, motor boat, go so slow,fast…”
This is good for your very young child to learn simple words.


  • Why use it?
    You can play with him/ her in a swiming pool or even in a bathroom!
    Good for learn simple words.
    Your child can learn body movements and the vocabulary words at the same time.
  • Watch the following videos

“Motorboat go so slow…fast…CRASH! – English Language Games”
Introduce how to use the song

“Motor boat motor boat go so fast”
Father play with his kids in bath room
Mother play with her baby in swiming pool.



3. Learn English with Songs.

-Practise English listening skills and improve pronunciation

Many young children enjoy singing a song.
This is the most effective way for your child to learn many English vocabulary.


Many songs can help develop memory and concentration, as well as physical co-ordination,
when you are doing the actions for a song.

Listening and singing songs will help your child to learn proper English pronunciation.
Because many of the words within a song are repetitive thus making pronunciation and sounds to easily remain in your child’s mind.

Also great action songs for kids can help develop physical co-ordination
Songs can be a wonderful way to make a child learn new words and enhance their ability to speak in English


Songs are the easiest way for a child to acquire the language naturally.
Through the use of songs, the children will be able to enjoy singing a song and practice the use of English language unconsciously.
This results in fast learning of the English Language.


Remember that you should pick up an age-appropriate song for children.
Do not worry if a child do not understand meaning of the song at first but if you can see that they enjoy, they will surely learn and vocabulary from the song.


Here are good songs for young kids to learn English

British council songs




4.Book Reading with kids!

– Children will always love to see pictures and images of the story that is why it is still great to get the children interested in book reading.
Choose a good kind of book, age appropriate and colorful so stimulate the child and become interested in reading.
Once a child enjoys reading, they can absorb more vocabulary words as they learn.


To help you to choose the right books for your child,


For 3 to 6 years
10 Books Parents Should Read To Their Kids- 3 to 6 years old

For below 3 years old
10 Books Parents Should Read To Their Kids- below 3 years old




5.Be confident & Enjoy yourself with your Child-Pick and use the correct method

We know that sometimes you will feel a bit worried about teaching your child on your own.

You are thinking deeply if you will be able to give the age appropriate books, games or even the correct pronunciation to your child.
If you are having this kind of feeling, you may try to check for trustful online resources such as British Council LearnEnglish Kids.This will be a big help for you can find songs and games you can play and watch with your child.


If you feel that you are still not sure about the ways and materials you are going to use, we advise you not to worry much.
Because if you can see that your child is enjoying and become happy while you are teaching him/her.
Your child will definitely build a positive feeling.

Do not push your child so hard or yourself to become good at teaching and learning the language.
Take time to enjoy teaching and every moment you spend with your child.
As a result, you will see that they will learn the foreign language you are teaching.
If you will enjoy teaching, your child will also enjoy too.


Always show a smile, happiness and joyful attitude while teaching your child.

Be confident and you will see the result of your positive feelings towards teaching your child.

I hope this article is helpful for you.


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