Holidays and school breaks are coming .
Are you planning to bring your kids anywhere during holidays?
Long road trips might be boring for your child. But, you can make this a fun learning experience for them.
We will recommend something good for them so they will be able to enjoy the journey and have exciting math activities with family.
We will suggest 5 car-related activities for your kids to add a bit Math spice on your holiday road trips.

1.Guessing food totals game

“Let’s do simple lunch time guessing game!”

For 3 to 4 years old

While on stopover for lunch and while you order the food you like to share with all family members.
You can ask the children how many small plates do you need.
So all the family members can share the food that you ordered.
You can give them a hint by counting each family member who will eat.
For 5 to 6 years old
– If you have a big family (8 to 10 persons) ask your child to help you order the drinks for each member.
Let your child to ask each member for their choice of drinks.
For example, Daddy and Mommy want soda and sister wants apple juice.
So ask your child, how many apple juice and soda cans to order?
For 6 years old and older
– If your lunch hasn’t arrived yet, you may spend some time with your kids to count all the spoon and fork that you are going to use for lunch.
Let your child count how many family members you have and ask them how many spoon and fork you need to prepare for all.
Then let them prepare all.

2. Count along the way

“Time for counting cars game!”
For 4 to 5 years old
Give each child a colour of car they need to look out for.
When their car colour drives by, tell them to say it out loud.
Let’s say one white car and 2 black cars passed by.
One child will say “One!” and another will say “Two!” After few kilometres you can exchange the colours they need to count.
At the end of the game or by the time you are near you destination, ask them to count the totals of the two cars they have seen.
For 5 to 6 years old
Ask them to count all the white cars they will see until they reach “10”.
After reaching 10, you can ask another child to count white cars until “10”.
The one who can see a black car will shout and subtract it from 10.
Let’s say one child saw one black car; the child should shout “9”.
Then if he/she will see another one, should say “8” until they reach “0”.
The first one to reach zero is the winner of this game.
Tell them that they cannot count on the same car and they need to be very fast to look for grey cars to win the game.

3. Travel Time Math

“Practice travel time calculations!”
For 4 to 5 years old
Please do not forget to bring pencil and paper.
Before you start the car, tell your child to record the time and now the game starts.
(please do not forget to reset the trip meter to zero)
Once your child has recorded the time, you can explain how long the travel will take,
(hours and kilometers) then ask them what time you will reach the destination place.
After they gave you the answers, you may now use watch to keep record of the time.
For 5 to 6 years old
Challenge your kids by predicting the arrival time by giving distance, speed and time.
Ask them how long the travel will take if your car will travel 60 kilometers per hour and province is 240 kilometers far from home.
Some kids can make their own formula to answer, let your child think deeply and by giving sample first.
Provide them pen and paper to help them answer.

4. Fun with License Plates

“Have fun with License Plates!”

For 2 to 3 years old

If you have younger kids such as 2-3 years old, you can play with them and ask them to watch with you the license plates.
Read the numbers that they will be able to see. By doing simple activity, you can let your child to identify number figures.

For 4 to 6 years old

Don’t forget to bring and paper for this activity. Assign a number group to a child.
Let’s say you assign all odd numbers to one child and all even numbers to another.
Give them pen and paper and ask them to watch for license plates that are odd or even.
Let them list the end number only (e.g PD 1786, just list 6).
Then add all numbers before you reach the destination place and the child who got the highest number is the winner.
This is good for kids 4 to 6 years old.

5. The Fastest Mind Games

“Let us practice mind calculations!”
For 2 to 3 years old
While driving through to country side, take this opportunity to use beautiful sightings and give your small child a math quiz.
A mother can look over a window and ask a child, “how many trees in the field over there?”
Count together with your child if it is difficult for them to count but if they can do alone let them enjoy counting.
You can also count animals such as cow, goat or dogs you can see in the fields.
For 5 to 6 years old
-Inside the car, you can spice up and make time past by having math quiz.
Mother can start the game by saying any number below 9.
Then father has to think number to give that if add together the answer will be below 10.
(E.g mother says 6, so father can say 2.. still answer is below 10)
After parents give numbers, the child should answer.
If your child is good at mental calculation, try to give them difficult questions.

tree in Cambodia
Did you like this article?
We hope that you found this article helpful for your vacation or any kind of occasion that you will spend hours of travelling with kids.
Math is not difficult especially if children will know and practice it in an enjoyable experience.
There are lot of opportunities in our everyday life to make your child good at math.
Travel is only one but you can also try to do activities while at home, mall or even at grocer’s store.
Let’s make your child Love Math!
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