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Once you decide that you send your child to international school, you need to find a good programme which suit your child. Start your search early.

There are many international schools mushrooming in Phnom Penh now. It has become a very profitable business given the high fee structures of such schools. You have to be careful to choose good school for you child not good for their business.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you make for your child. The following checklist is arranged to help you choose the right school for your child.

1.Think about your child

For choosing school, at the end of the day, your child’s happiness is the most important thing.

Talk to your child and find out if he/she has different thinking terms from what you think. Based on these interests choose the school that suits best to your child.

2. To do research

Spend time researching schools, looking through their websites, to checking out local parenting magazines, and speaking to existing parents (where possible) and drawing up a shortlist before you look around the schools.

Also If your child attends daycare, the caretaker may have suggestions for you.

3. About School


Are the course offerings extensive enough to meet your child’s needs?
Ask to have a typical timetable, check the ratio of academic to non-academic subjects.
Check the number of free study periods and whether they’re going to supervised.
Do they acknowledge future education plans?
What kind of excursion and holidays does the school organise?

Teachers and staff

How long on average does the school retain its teachers and staff?
Does the school support professional development, so teachers learn and apply “best practices”?
Does the staff seem happy?
What are the qualification requirements for teachers?
What nationality are the majority of teachers?
What are the teachers and staffs turnover?
Are they friendly and professional?

School size

Some children do better in large schools and some others like smaller schools.
So please consider, what type of school suit your child.
Big schools usually have more facilities.

Class size

Number of children in a classroom has a big effect on the students.
Most children find it easier to learn when the size of class is small,especially in the lower classes.
If one class sits more than 20 or 30 students, there is no guarantee your child will receive enough attention or care in the class.

Facilities and student safety

Does the school have a language laboratory?
What sports instruction and facilities are provided?
What are the facilities for art and science, IT subjects?
Are all facilities well maintained?
What medical facilities does the school provide?
Is health and accident insurance included in the fees?


What extras are you required to pay? (any hidden cost involved?)

Better to start investing for the child’s education as early as the child’s conception.

School fee will be rising year after year.

If you are planning to send your child to overseas for their University, you’d better to choose an accredited school by IB, WASC or ECIS .

Take time to make the right decision.
The quality of your child’s education will give them very big impact for their future. You will never regret the time you invested in making the right decision and providing the very best education for your child.

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