Reading books your child-below 3 years old
Never too early to start reading with your child.

Looking books to read to your child ?

Most of us may know how important it is to read books to young kids.
But hard to know how to choose books for them.
We carefully choose following books for children below 3 years old especially for non native English speaker.


1. Dear Zoo

Written and Illustrated by Rod Campbell



dear zoo
Dear Zoo

A classic favourite that toddlers/infants will enjoy being read to.
A child who writes to the zoo and asks to send her a pet.
The zoo sent different types of animals from small to biggest and from fierce to naughty until finally the kid received the perfect pet.



2. Very Hungry Caterpillar

Written and Illustrated by Eric Carle


The very hungry caterpillar
The very hungry caterpillar


One of the greatest childhood classics of all time. The illustrator used collages and ‘eaten’ holes to deliver the story.
It is about a caterpillar who is very hungry and tried to eat variety of foods in a whole week and then later transform into a beautiful butterfly.



3. Pat The Bunny

Written by Dorothy Kunhardt


Pat the bunny
Pat the bunny


A touch and feel books for small children and babies.
It is has a lot of things for small children to experience like bunny’s fur, daddy’s scratchy face and even to try look on a mirror.
It’s an interactive book that surely young children will truly enjoy.



4. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

Written and Illustrated by Karen Katz


Where is baby's belly button
Where is baby’s belly button

A lift-the-flap book that has beautiful and colorful drawings that allows the readers to lift the flap and see the hidden body parts of the baby. Good to teach and introduce body parts to young children.



5. Where’s Spot?

Written and Illustrated by Eric Hill


Where is spot
Where is spot

Another lift-a-flap book that has short, simple and colorful pictures that will definitely liked by small children.
The story is about Spot’s mom who is patiently looking for him behind the door, under the rug and even in closets.



6. Dinosaur Roar!

Written and Illustrated by Paul and Henrietta Stickland


Dinosaur Roar
Dinosaur Roar


Great book for kids who love Dinosaurs! In this book you can show to young children a variety of dinosaurs in shapes, size and actions.
It is an entertaining way to introduce to children the concept of opposites.



7. Good Night, Gorilla

Written and Illustrated by Peggy Rathmann


Goodnight gorilla
Goodnight gorilla


A classic and simple story book that will make young children laugh and even adults!
The story is about the zoo animals who followed the zookeeper until home through the help of naughty gorilla.
This is one of the best bedtime story to read to children.



8. No, David!

Written by David Shannon


No David
No David


A very special book with a colorful illustrations that simply sends a simple message to all that children will always be playful and naughty sometimes.

Though the story is about David’s action, kids will surely find this book interesting until the end.



9. Skeleton Hiccups

Written by Margery Cuyler


Skeleton Hiccups
Skeleton Hiccups

A illustration book with great pictures and basic story is really amusing and with humour for children and adults.
Everyone would really enjoy doing hiccups sound as they turn each page of it.



10. Giraffes Can’t Dance

Written by Giles Andreae


giraffes can't dance
Giraffes can’t dance

One of the best selling animal story book.
The story is about Gerald who want’s nothing more but to dance.
This book will give children inspiration to achieve more about their dreams like what Gerald did. The rhyming text will surely spark children’s interest in listening and reading this book.


Reading is an investment in a child’s future.
Please choose book carefully to your child and share precious time with your child.

If you have a child above 3 years old,
please check “10 Books Parents Should Read To Their Kids- 3 to 6 years old”

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