5 Brain Gym Exercises To Make Your Kids Get Energy To Study

      “Your child cannot focus and has lower grades now…” You must be shocked and disappointed a lot if your child’s teacher told you like that. But, you realized that it may become a serious thing Because your child says that he doesn’t want to do homework And tells you that lesson is not interesting You may worry a lot and think something might gone wrong with your child.   The problem if child cannot focus at school   Are you worried that your child cannot focus at school? Does his teachers complain about this behavior?   When a child cannot focus at school, It will be very difficult for him to learn. Every parent wants their child to become smart But this focusing problem is really not helping their kids.   So, what can you do to help your child become active and energetic to learn?   Have you tried to give him some exercise?   What science tells about brain gym exercises?   You know well that exercise is good for the body. But it is not only physically but also mentally!   Latest science tells about the effect exercise on child’s brain showing that exercise… […]