Every child born has their own uniqueness and great potentials and they eager to learn.
But unfortunately, these abilities and potentials were just hidden and not boosted, grown well because of current education system in Cambodia.
The education and literacy system were neglected and mostly schools are based on pure memorization and repetition. These system won’t be able to enhance children’s abilities and potential.
The Creative Kid’z club is a professional Enrichment centre for young children.
We help children to reach their full potential through the use of Singapore and Japanese learning method which well known as world's advanced education method accompany with our original children friendly teaching material.

Each child has their own way of learning. We nurture each child’s talents, and to ensure that learning is always fun for them.
We will guide each child with multiple high-level methods to acquire knowledge faster resulting to better performance at school so they can become competitive as they grow old.

We help your child make last improvements to their lifelong journey and realise their most important goals.
Start early and watch your child develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What we provide

For Advanced Children

Stronger Children will lose their enthusiasm for a subject if they are not sufficiently challenged. This is entirely too common in traditional education system. Our lesson provides a great opportunity for the passion of eager young minds into challenging topics that will preserve their enthusiasm and allow them to reach their highest potential.

For Struggling Children

We provide an important boost to struggling children who are going to lose their interest in studies. The earlier a child begins their journey with us, the more time we have to work through stumbling blocks and help them to develop a strong foundation.